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Agreements & Policies

Please read through our policies. In signing the membership application, you agree to all terms and conditions within that specific membership agreement in addition to our general policies. You will receive a physical copy at your first appointment during the consultation. We can also provide additional copies at any time when requested. We reserve the right to change and update any of our general policies without notice. If anything changes with the membership plan, you will be notified by email and can choose to agree to the update. 

Platinum Membership

Plan Agreement
  • Florida resident: $50 monthly autopay. 1-year commitment. Renews without a 14-day notice cancellation form. Pay in full option $550

  • Priority scheduling. You are able to have more control over the person you see and what days and times. Same-day appointments will be left open to accommodate as best as we can.

  • Priority verification. Your membership application will be expedited to get your approval faster. Within 72 hours.

  • $25 off 1 service per month. Does not carry over. Non-transferable to another person.

  • 20% off all retail.

  • Birthday discount: $100. Must be used within 14 days of your birthday.

  • $100 gift card drawing entry for each appointment scheduled within the month.

  • Referral program: $80 service discount for each new member. Your referral will be made a priority for verification.

  • Pre & post-service refreshment: Upgraded beverage & bite. Includes a choice of libation and a mini cold appetizer or dessert.

*We reserve the right to increase the fee for membership at any time. We will notify you 30 days in advance of any changes and allow you a chance to cancel or continue

Gold Membership

Plan Agreement
  • Florida residence: Free*.

  • Out-of-state residence: $50 yearly.

  • Access to appointment scheduling based on availability. The potential of an appointment waitlist until availability opens up.

  • Non-priority verification. Your application will be processed in the order it was received within the Gold Membership Applications. There is no time limit.

  • No service discounts.

  • No retail discounts.

  • No birthday discounts.

  • $50 gift card drawing entry for each appointment scheduled within the month. 

  • Referral program: $40 service discount for each new member.

  • Post-service refreshments: Beverage & bite. Includes Zephyrhills water and trail mix.


*We reserve the right to discontinue the free membership at any time to impose a fee. We will notify you 30 days in advance of any changes and allow you a chance to cancel or continue. We also may impose a waitlist at any time.

General Policies

Policies & Procedures

At Beauty Evoke LLC dba Elite Men's Spa, we specialize in providing high-quality services and products to our clients.  Your business is valued and cooperation is appreciated.  We make a commitment to guarantee your appointment time and refuse all other requests after you have been booked.  We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and want to provide you with an unforgettable experience. We do not accept walk-ins or provide outcalls. All appointments are scheduled during our posted hours. While we are a male-concept spa, we may have female clients also. We reserve that right to offer services and do not discriminate based on sex, race, religion, or sexual orientation. We do only serve clients 18 years or older. Effective pricing is provided to all members. We reserve the right to change pricing. Tipping is appreciated but not required. You will be notified of the informed consent for each service. You will be required to update your health history periodically.

Cancellation Policy

A 24-hour cancellation notice is required for any scheduled appointments including gift certificates.  We will only allow 1 missed appointment to continue scheduling your sessions.  For the 1st missed appointment you will be charged a 50% fee for the session.  Clients may be asked to prepay for services if multiple last-minute cancellations occur. Late-show to your appointment might reduce the amount of time and full payment will still be required. If a staff member is unable to make a confirmed appointment and cancels, we offer a 50% discount for the service that was scheduled. Non-members will be canceled if they try to schedule online without having permission to do so. 

Communication Policy

Please only call, text, or book online. We do not accept bookings from social media. Also realize that during the day, the phone may not be answered quickly due to being in session. Most questions are answered online. Current clients can also book online anytime! We hold ourselves to a professional standard and we require all communication to remain professional. If any inappropriate discussions are sent, we will end the conversation. Phone calls are answered between the hours of 8:30am-9:00pm. Later appointments between the hours of 8pm-10pm must be scheduled by 7pm. 

Scheduled Appointment Policy

There is parallel parking available anywhere on the street. Please arrive on time. If you arrive early, we ask that you wait and show up no earlier than 3 minutes before your scheduled appointment. You must come through the front double doors. You can use our restroom before your appointment if necessary. Before the session, we will go over your expectations. Please do not use your cell phone while in our facility. We also ask that voices be kept to a minimum.

Refund Policy

All payments for service are final and we do not refund for services rendered. If you are unhappy about a service or procedure, please speak with management and allow us the opportunity to make it right.  We value your input and try our best to uphold high-quality standards. Therapeutic massage is strictly non-sexual.  If a client expresses interest in sexual behavior, the therapist is required to terminate the session and payment will still be rendered in full. Product refunds defer to the manufactures required policy

Records Policy

All written records are kept confidential and will not be shared with any outside establishment, individual, organization, or medical facility without written consent from you, the client, or the client’s legal guardian.  Unless legally required by local, state, or federal subpoena, summons, court order, or payment dispute.

Online, published, and verbal reviews

Due to the nature of the disbursement of information online, in the media, and via word of mouth, we ask that all negative experiences be communicated directly to a manager before being distributed in the public domain.  We want the chance to correct any problem and make it right.  Management will do a full inquiry to verify the situation and correct the outcome.  Our staff and procedures will be held to the highest standards and our intention is that every client receives the best services and products possible.  Be aware that if you distribute unfounded or incorrect information, that falls into slander and liable laws. We also ask that reviews only be made to legitimate places like Google or social media. If we find a member is reviewing services on any inappropriate website, we will terminate your membership immediately.

Website Terms and Use

Our website is for informational purposes only.  We retain the rights to all information contained including content, pricing, graphics, pictures, and documents, none of which should be copied or distributed without our prior written consent.  By using our website, you agree to abide by our terms. 

Limits of Liability

Nothing stated online or through direct communication is to be misconstrued as medical advice or diagnosis. 

Application Denial and Termination

We may deny an application for various reasons, such as giving false or incorrect information and having a criminal background that includes any kind of violence or sexual deviance charge/conviction. We also have the right to be selective of our clientele in any way we see fit. If you exhibit any disrespectful or inappropriate behavior towards our employees, you will also be immediately terminated from membership. We take safety very seriously.

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